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  • The two-sided four cylinder glue spreader is meant for the two-sided appliance of glue on wooden or wood derivative elements in the production of furniture, boards, and plywood.

  • The appliance is designed for cleaning and dusting wooden elements before applying glue in the process of gluing wood for thickness or side gluing.

  • The OSMF rotating pneumatic press for the assembly of furniture frontage makes it possible to mechanically assemble furniture frontage from MDF boards using peg gluing technology.

  • Designed for the mechanization and automation of various transport and loading/unloading operations as well as for work in technological lines.


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The "FAMAD” Sp. z o.o. Industrial Machines and Devices Factory, with headquarters in Paczków, has a 60-year tradition of producing high quality machines and devices with modern design solutions, and which are highly competitive in aiming to best satisfy the demands of users


  • Machines and devices for the furniture industry – used in process lines for the furniture industry, in veneering and varnishing lines and for inter-operational transportation.
  • Machines and devices for the woodworking industry – for manufacturers of high quality window and door construction woodwork, with maximum utilization of wood.
  • Process transportation – devices used in the mechanization of transportation work and automation of loading-unloading operations in process lines.
  • Hydraulic cylinders - used in machines for the construction, agriculture, motorization, roadway engineering, forestry industries, and others
  • Custom made machines and devices on the special order of individual clients, supervision of installation, service, and training of investors' personnel.