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The "FAMAD” Sp. z o.o. Industrial Machines and Devices Factory, with headquarters in Paczków, has a 60-year tradition of producing high quality machines and devices with modern design solutions, and which are highly competitive in aiming to best satisfy the demands of users

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer.

Mounting devices

The OSMF rotating pneumatic press for the assembly of furniture
frontage makes it possible to mechanically assemble furniture
frontage from MDF boards using peg gluing technology.

Brushing mill

Brushes are designed for double-sided through-cleaning of dirt
and dust of panel elements surfaces. They can work as separate
machines and in automatic lines.

Glue applier

The two-sided four cylinder glue spreader is meant for the two-sided
appliance of glue on wooden or wood derivative elements
in the production of furniture, boards, and plywood.

Conveyors and lifts

Designed for the mechanization and automation of various
transport and loading/unloading operations as well as for work
in technological lines.

We render the following services:

Regeneration and repair of hydraulic cylinders


+48 77 439006

Regeneration of glue or paint spreading cylinders

Repairs and overhauls of hydraulic scissor lifts

Cooperation services



+ 48 77 439 00 70




ul. Wojska Polskiego 28
48-370 Paczków